For this

You need FTP access to your old server, and Shell access to your new server. If you have a dedicated server with us, you will need to install an advanced ftp editor. We will happily do this for you, but its not a hard thing to do.

Log in as root through the shell and type in:

yum install lftp

You will be asked to confirm, say yes!

Now change to the web directory of the account you want to download to - do not change to that user. so if the account is called newsite you woul type in to the shell:

cd /home/newsite/www/

Assume your oldsite is called, the username is user, and the password is pass. You would type in:

lftp -u user,pass

Once connected, you will want to download all the files, and to donload recursively through all the subfolders.

For this, you will type in


Now get a coffee, sit back, and watch those files race across the internet to their new home.

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