The importance of metrics cannot be over-stated. You can see how many people visited you - how many clicked on any given link on any other site. By using "landing pages" or "Landing code" you can see how many scans a QR code, how many clicked the link in the mail you sent out, etc.

Without metrics, you cannot see how your online marketing is working.


Simply a list of the last 750 log entries. This is not light reading, and only serves a use for bug tracking, or real time testing. There is not much more you could do with this raw data.


A list of the last 300 errors. This list will include 404 errors, 500 errors, and log in failures for areas protected with cPanels password protected directories.


This will tell you how much bandwidth you are using. Your account has a limited amount, so if your new marketing is taking off, its prudent to keep an eye on this. Of course, cPanel will warn you if you are getting close to using all your bandwidth.

Raw Access

You can download compressed copies of your logs, if this is enabled for your site. You will only want this if you are working with a third party analytics program.


This is an excellent log analysis program, that translates all the traffic details into something very usable and understandable.

Analog Stats

This is rather simplistic. It gets the bulk of the data across, but without any depth.


Very simplistic. We only offer Analog Stats and Webalizer Stats for our clients who are already familiar with them. Its well worth the learning curve to upgrade to AWStats.

We do not provide detailed support on Webalizer and analog Stats.

Webalizer FTP

This is only useful if you need to track FTP access. Its unlikely that you would need this ,and if you do need it, you don't need our help with it!

Metrics Editor

By default, only AWStats is enabled. For the others to run properly, you need to log in here and enable them.

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