Cron Jobs

A cron job will run every X (X being second, minute, hour, day, or month. This can be wonderful for automated functions, but needs to be set up with care. Feel free to call us and we will gladly help you with this complex tool.

Track DNS

This is a diagnostic tool - if you have moves a second site to our server, but its not resolving, here you can see where the internet thinks the site is located - a great start in finding it!


When you go to a web domain, such as, you see a page. Even though the page is not in the address bar - so when you go to, what you are really seeing is
Indexing sets which pages to show instead of just the directory contents - for some directories, you may want people to see all the files available . Usually you won't want that. Indexing defaults to an index file - index.html, index.html, index.php.

Error Pages

These are really a thing of the past, using Concrete5, Wordpress or many of the other content managers available, error pages are handled by the software. However, if you built your site yourself, you may need to configure these.

Apache Handlers

Handlers configure how the web server (Apache) manages files. a file with the ".html" extension will just be sent to the browser, where as a ".php" file will be handled by the php processor.

Mime Types

Mime types simply tell the computer that a . txt file contains text, and a . jpg file contains image data.

Virus Checker

If you have reason to think there is an infected file on your web site, you can check for it with this. Our server checks for viruses every night.

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